Barn Finds – DVLA urged to check all

The International Association of Auto Theft Investigators (IAATI) are calling on the DVLA at Swansea to do more about barn-find related crime and have urged them to vet all such finds.

The IAATI says it is currently far too easy for criminals to steal cars and have them re-registered as ‘barn finds’ with the DVLA.

They report that criminals are stealing classic vehicles and with minimal questioning from the DVLA the car can get re-registered.

The IAATI say that all the things the DVLA are supposed to check simply are not getting done. It appears that if you have an old buff log book they can get the forms through.

The DVLA however say that although situations like this do happen they have not seen any rise in these situations and in the number of registrations of barn finds.

barn find ferrari

If you do come across a barn find though here is how to register it
It must be built from genuine period components from more than one vehicle, all over 25 years old and of the same specification.
The appropriate Vehicle Owners Club for the vehicle must inspect the vehicle and confirm in writing that it has been inspected, is a true refection of the marque, and is comprised of genuine period components all over 25 years old<
They must also give manufacture dates for the major components.The DVLA will assign an age-related  registration number to the vehicle based on the youngest component used.
It must be a true refection of the marque.

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