Football Name Plates

Here are a few suggestions for some football related private registrations. Whichever football club you support we are sure we could probably find a registration for you. Listed below are just a small selection of football themed private registrations that we have held in stock.

Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Everton, Portsmouth, Leicester, Leeds United, West Ham, Blackburn, Middlesborough, Newcastle, Derby, Bolton, Wolverhampton, Everton, Reading to name a few...

If you see something you like please call us for availability or if not, use the cherished numbers super-search on our home page where you will be able to perform any search through 100,000's number plates.

Please Note: All cherished number plates shown are subject to a DVLA fee of £80.00 and VAT and are subject to availability and price check, prior to us sending you written confirmation of purchase. Prices shown may be subject to change without prior notification. Motor Marks reserve the right to withdraw any numbers from sale. Motor Marks can not be held responsible for price errors or none availability.

Please note you cannot make your vehicle appear newer than it is. In other words you cannot transfer a 1994 'M' prefix registered number onto a 1983 'Y' suffix registered vehicle. Your vehicle has to be the same dating year or newer. If you are unsure please contact us for details.

Ordered numbers cannot be exchanged or refunded

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AGU 35T £4,995 LAY 10N £9,995
BEA 1T £6,995 M425 HAL £12,500
BET 228 £3,500 MES 53Y £9,995
BIG 8411 £2,995 MFC 805S £4,995
B16 GER £5,995 NEW 574R £6,995
BIG 655 £5,995 ONE 11H £5,995
BOL 701V £6,995 ONE 7L £7,995
BOL 701N £9,995 PAG 33E £8,995
POW 805S £4,995 PAN 7S £9,995
MFC 805S £4,995 PAS 5S £12,500
FAB 805S £9,995 PAS 533S £1,495
TBO 5S £5,995 PLA 73R £19,995
333 COP £3,500 POW 805S £4,995
B16 EDD £9,995 POW 311F £4,995
EFC 308A £995 RED 51R £3,995
EUI 20 £7,995 ROO 173Y £12,500
FAS 77T £5,995 RUS 1H £7,995
FAT 80Y £100,000 SAV 49E £14,995
FLA 66S £6,995 SHO 127S £7,995
FLE 33T £4,995 S1 HOE £4,995
FOO 71Y £12,000 9 TOP £9,999
 WES 7S £12,500  S7 UBS £9,999
GAM 811N £9,995 5 TUD £55,000
61 ANT £12,500 TAN 170Y £3,995
GGR 33N £6,995 T34 MUK £1,995
 HUR 57T  £9,995 TOY 5 £100,000
HAN 56N £9,995 TRA 173R £12,500
H417 SEN £5,995 WAL 35S £6,995
HAR 7T £9,995 WES 150K £1,995
HOD 635N £6,995    

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