A Christmas Number Plate Story

A short Christmas Story featuring Cherished Number Plates

So in just under a fortnight it will be Christmas Day, the day J6 SUS was born and when we all hope to get a PR65 ENT from the FAT 80Y himself.

We maybe say a P124 YER or sing a christmas DCA 120L or two the night before and leave him out some 6 RUB to GOB 81L or J5 EAT hoping that he doesn’t FAR 7Y.

When he comes down the chimney with his sack we hope he doesn’t get his B16 EDD or B16 TUM stuck and hope he leaves a PAR 53L under the christmas tree which could be a NV03 LTY gift or maybe a nice DRE 5S for the 64 LS or we hope he leaves some TOY 5 for the children.

It could be your 7 DAD pretending to be the CHU 88Y man in the red suit.


We hope it S17 OWS around this time as it makes it seem more festive for the holidays although we don’t like the FRO 57T.

Santa has to make sure his sleigh is FAS 77T as he has to get around everyones homes and he has his FUR12Y FLE 33T of reindeer to help him on his journey.

So here is wishing you all a safe and Happy Christmas  and who knows will we still be in EUI 20 next year!!!



Hope you like my little story and of course all the cherished number plates listed above in bold are genuine issued registration number plates and are all available for sale.

Most are ready for immediate transfer and all the prices can be found on our website database or alternatively please call one of our sales staff on 0116 235 0116.


Merry Christmas from us all at Motor Marks

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