Cherished Number Plate up for sale at half price offer !!!

Now that we have left the EURO (European Union) we feel that its time to give someone the chance to buy our stock DVLA Cherished Number Plate (ex Northern Ireland cherished number plate) EUI 20 which is the closest that you will get to spelling EURO.

So until February 29th 2020 we are offering the personalised number plate EUI 20 for half its retail price. It is currently on the market by us at £4995 plus vat and cherished transfer fee of £80.00 but we will offer it out for £2495.00 plus vat and cherished transfer fee of £80.00.

This is a genuine offer and the cherished number plate is a stock item owned by Motor Marks and is on a retention certificate ready for immediate transfer.

If you would like to purchase this please contact one of our sales staff on 0116 235 0116

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