Number Plates all round

With summer now officially here there are lots of things going on. We have already begun our competition in the 2018 World Cup being held in Russia, this week it is also Royal Ascot and then we have Wimbledon which is 2nd – 15th July 2018, so all in all lots of sports. Well whatever sport you like whether it is the watching or even taking part we at Motor Marks also have various cherished number plates that would be suitable for all of these occasions.

If you are an avid supporter and like the idea of having a personalised number plate that matches your chosen sporting category then look no further. We have a huge database of private number plates that you can search through or alternatively give us a call on 0116 235 0116.

If Tennis is your thing then what about these registration numbers.


If Royal Ascot is more your thing then what about these car number plates..


Or if like me you are eagerly watching the 2018 World Cup and hoping that England can do a repeat of their 1966 World Cup win then what about these…

As well as offering quality cherished number plates we also have cheap bargain number plates that start from as little as £116.00 all inclusive. So give us a call today 0116 235 0116







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