Online Valuation of Personalised Registrations

If you would like Motor Marks Cherished Numbers and Personalised Registrations to send you a free no obligation quote for a private registration that you own please fill in the form below.

Motor Marks Cherished Numbers and Personalised Registrations will provide a valuation for your personalised registration and offer you a clear sum which we believe represents it's true market value. We base these valuations on over 30 years trade experience in the industry. Should you wish to adjust this figure to your own desired amount please note that this could affect its the number's saleability.

On receiving a quotation, if you would like Motor Marks to advertise it for you please send us a written confirmation or email authorising us to do so.

On finding a Purchaser we will prepare and advise on the reg transfer application. In order to transfer personalised registrations the donor vehicle must either have a current MOT and Tax or have been taxed within the last 6 months. An £80 transfer fee is payable by the Purchaser to the DVLA. Please note that provided the vehicle is roadworthy it can be driven on the road throughout the reg transfer period.

On completion of the registration transfer your vehicle will automatically be issued with a new V5C with a replacement registration number relevant to it’s year and the DVLA will amend the tax and MOT details (where applicable) automatically online without additional charge to you.

If your private registration is held on a V750/V778 Retention Certificate/Certificate of Entitlement, in order for the number to be transferred the original certificate is required and must be valid and in date. Any transfer fees that have already been paid will be re-imbursed to you on completion of the reg transfer.

Personalised Registrations Valuation Form

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