Number Plate News – Using your phone whilst Driving – New Law from 1/3/2017

Today marks the first day of March and it also brings in a new law regarding using your mobile phone.
As from today if you are caught using it whilst behind the wheel you will be fined £200 and given 6 penalty points.
If you are a new driver and have had your licence less than 2 years you could also face an immediate ban.

Previously the fixed penalty fine was £30 but in 2007 the fine was raised to £60. It was raised again to £100 in 2013 and this new legislation see’s the fine increased to £200.

The number of penalty points that you received used to be 3 but this new government legislation has increased it to 6 and as new drivers are only given 6 points for the first 2 years, if they are caught using their mobile phones now behind the wheel they will lose their licence as it will be an instant ban.
Previously in some police force areas, motorists could avoid the points by taking a remedial driving course.

The reason behind this new law is because of the numerous fatalities and incidents caused whilst drivers are distracted while using their mobile phones/devices.

The Department of Transport figures show that there were 492 accidents in Britain in 2014 where a driver was distracted or impaired whilst using their mobile phones. In the past 10 years more than 200 people have been killed by drivers distracted by their phones/devices and the mobile phone was a contributory factor in 43 fatal accidents in 2014 alone.

So when you get in your car, as from today programme the Sat Nav put the phone away, remember the call or text can wait and be done when you have stopped driving and have parked up safely.

Stay safe and keep others safe when you are on the road. Is that call or text really worth it?


Number Plates – Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s Day is once again upon us and what better way to show that special person in your life that you love them, than with a cherished car number plate. Forget the chocolates and the flowers and wine, these gifts don’t last, but getting them their very own personalised number plate will not only last but will also be a wise investment.

We have some saucy number plates up for sale or if these may be too risque’ then why not opt for their initials or just a nice cheap bargain number plate.

Our plates start from as little as £25 plus vat and ct fee. So why not take a look at our extensive database and treat your loved one to a gift that will last forever just like your love!

Vehicle Tax Disc – Revenues Plummet

In the 6 months after the vehicle tax disc was scrapped the amount of vehicle tax collected in the UK fell by more than £200m figures have shown.

The paper tax disc that was first issued in 1921 was replaced in October 2014 by the online system in an overhaul that cost £1m and that critics warned would lead to confusion among motorists.

The latest figures obtained by the Financial Times in an Freedom of Information request, show that the DVLA  Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency saw an immediate drop in its revenue following the changes, The National Audit Office had claimed there would be no ‘material increase in lost revenue’ as a result.

Between October 2014 and March 2015 some £2.7bn was collected in Vehicle Excise Duty. This was £223m lower than the amount collected between October and March a year earlier. In contrast the £3.2bn collected between April and September 2014 was flat compared to a year earlier.

Figures from the DVLA for the 12 months to March 2016 are expected to be published after the UK’s EU referendum which took place on June 23rd 2016. This will give a full picture of the 12 months following the change, as well as an insight into the period from October 2015 – when motorists did not have the tax disc in their windscreens to remind them of the renewal date.

According to its latest report, the changes cost the DVLA £1m which was mostly spent on IT.

The DVLA uses a debt collection agency, Marston Holdings, to claw back lost payments. According to the company’s most recent accounts, pre-tax profits more than doubled from £5.8m to £13.6m in the 12 months to the end of May 2015. Revenue for the business which also counts the HMRC, Transport for London and local authorities among its clients rose from £58.5m to £84.4m through both acquisitions and organic growth. Income from distress warrant enforcement – when bailiffs are sent to a property  – rose from £49.7m to £77.5m. The company did not show how much of its income comes from the DVLA and did not respond to calls or email for comment.

The DfT had estimated that £80m of vehicle tax revenue would be lost in 2015 – much higher than the £30m it had forecast for 2013. Its estimates are drawn from roadside analysis of untaxed vehicles and produced every 2 years. After a survey of 256 sites the department estimated in November 2015 that 1.5% of cars on the road were untaxed. This was s harp increase in the 0.6% figure for 2013, which it said was ‘probably due to major changes to the vehicle licensing system, which took place in October 2014’. As well as abolishing the physical tax disc, a requirement was brought in to tax vehicles when buying them, rather than rolling over to the previous owner’s vehicle tax.

Oliver Morley, DVLA chief executive, said “Almost 99% of all vehicles on the road are correctly taxed: that’s around £6bn in vehicle tax passed to the Treasury every year. We writ to every registered vehicle keeper in the UK to remind them when their tax is due and we have introduced a range of measures to make vehicle tax easy to pay, such as direct debit or online. At the same time we are taking action against those who are determined to break the law.


from the “Financial Times website June”

Barn Finds – DVLA urged to check all

The International Association of Auto Theft Investigators (IAATI) are calling on the DVLA at Swansea to do more about barn-find related crime and have urged them to vet all such finds.

The IAATI says it is currently far too easy for criminals to steal cars and have them re-registered as ‘barn finds’ with the DVLA.

They report that criminals are stealing classic vehicles and with minimal questioning from the DVLA the car can get re-registered.

The IAATI say that all the things the DVLA are supposed to check simply are not getting done. It appears that if you have an old buff log book they can get the forms through.

The DVLA however say that although situations like this do happen they have not seen any rise in these situations and in the number of registrations of barn finds.

barn find ferrari

If you do come across a barn find though here is how to register it
It must be built from genuine period components from more than one vehicle, all over 25 years old and of the same specification.
The appropriate Vehicle Owners Club for the vehicle must inspect the vehicle and confirm in writing that it has been inspected, is a true refection of the marque, and is comprised of genuine period components all over 25 years old<
They must also give manufacture dates for the major components.The DVLA will assign an age-related  registration number to the vehicle based on the youngest component used.
It must be a true refection of the marque.

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Personalised Number Plates – Popular than ever!

If its in the press then its got to be right hasn’t it. Personalised and cherished number plates are now more poplular than ever and even rank up there with ‘Fine Wine’ and ‘Rolex Watches’ as a way of investing your money.

expensive wine in the world Richebourg

Rolex watch

The sale of Personalised and Cherished car number plates raised a record £102million for the Treasury and us Britain’s are turning into  a nation of show offs and what better way than to invest in a cherished number plate.

Last year saw around 335,000 personalised and cherished number plates sold in the UK and the DVLA brought in £15million more in sales of cherished and personalised number plates compared with the previous year.

The most expensive cherished number plate sold to date in the UK was ’25 O’ which fetched £400,000

Don’t just take my word for it see these stories in the national press

Daily Mail

The Guardian


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DVLA – Beware Suspicious Websites

Come across a website that looks like it is a legitimate website purporting to be real. Sometimes you may find that a website looks like the real deal and can look like it is part of an official government service or that they can provide more help than they actually do. This could mean that you might pay for services that you could get cheaper on the real websites or even the service for free if you actually used the real website.

For example there are lots of links to websites purporting to be the DVLA and who offer the services to tax your car online or transfer the ownership of your V5C etc….

Beware of internet scams and frauds. Always make sure you never give out information that could jeopordise your security.

beware caution

! Never give out private or personal information such as your bank details or passwords and don’t reply to text messages or click on attachments in emails if you are unsure whether they are genuine or not.

Most of us think we are internet savvy but it only takes 1 click.

internet safety

This is just a reminder from Motor Marks. Stay safe when browsing the internet and using websites.

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66 Series Car Number Plates

Well it is only a month until the new car registration numbers the 66 series can be transferred to your new vehicle. Still not bought one or not sure what cherished number plate is best for you.

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DVLA Website still missing 43 Marques

Classic Car owners are banging their heads against a wall because the DVLA, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency is refusing to add more than 40 missing marques to its online database.

The DVLA are currently spending £2m on revamping their internet service facilities but despite being approached by both the Standard Motor Club and the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs the DVLA have declined to update its online Vehicle Enquiry System to include classic car names such as Standard, Alvis and Gilbern.

The names do not appear on the standard drop-down menu so customers are having to physically type the car marques in.

Car owners are also facing problems with VOSA, MOT’s, Insurance and DVLA Motor Tax at the DVLA.

The full list of the 43 missing marques that are still not recognised by the DVLA, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency database are as follows:











































The DVLA are aware of the issue with the Vehicle Online System and have said that the list is kept to the most popular makes and models of vehicles but are looking to improve based on feedback that they have received.

If you experience problems with the DVLA online database please get in contact with the FBHVC, they are a very good active group and will be able to hopefully help you.

If you have any queries or need help regarding any of the following- Cherished Number Plates / DVLA Online Transfers /Cheap Number Plates / Wanted Number Plates then please contact us on 0116 235 0116 and we will be happy to offer our help and advice.


Car Tax

The way car tax is calculated is changing and those affected will be anyone that purchases a brand new car after April 1st 2017. Vehicles that are registered prior to this date will not be affected and the tax rates will remain as they are.

If you decide to buy a brand new car after April 1st 2017 you will pay the first vehicle licence based on your vehicle’s CO2 emmissions and the majority of vehicles will move to the new standard rate of vehicle tax which is £140 a year, however if you buy a brand new car that is over £40,000 at first registration you will pay £450 a year after the first vehicle licence then after 5 years the vehicle tax will revert to the standard rate of £140 a year.

car tax tble CO2 emmissions

The DVLA have been working with the Motor Industry to ensure that the changes are introduced in a timely way and that the effect will be minimal on customers.

This is the first of many updates that the DVLA are introducing and I will keep you up to date on the progress.

New 16 series registration numbers available to purchase

16 plate

From 3rd December 2015 for a limited time there is the availability to purchase the new’ 16′ series registration numbers. Remember that these registration numbers can only be transferred onto brand new vehicles from 1st March 2016 but can be supplied on a 10 year retention certificate.

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