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Number Plates – Perfect for that Personal Christmas Gift

Number plates the perfect personal Christmas Gift

Well we have a week to go before once again Christmas Day is upon us.

Are you still looking for that perfect gift for that special someone. Do you want to give them a present of something different this year.

Cherished Number Plates The Perfect Personal Christmas Gift

Why not choose the gift of a Personalised Number Plate.

A gift that is exclusive to them and which is also a great investment for the future.

We at Motor Marks have millions of cherished car number plates to choose from. With prices starting from as cheap as £116.00 all in it is not as expensive as you might think.

Take a look at our extensive database where you can browse through all the car number plates we have to offer.

From the cheap bargain ones to the dateless or antique and also the prefix and current style where you can choose the initials subject to availability.

If you prefer to talk then give one of our sales staff a call on 0116 235 0116. We can go through your options and hopefully find something that is suitable for you.

There is still time to purchase and transfer before Christmas Day. Subject to terms we can transfer same day upon cleared funds using the DVLA online transfer system. We require the V5C for the receiving vehicle in order to do this.

Make the gift a Personal one this year.

Happy Christmas form all of us at Motor Marks.

Eat, drink, be merry and most of all stay safe.

Cherished Number Plates for Business Advertising

Cherished Number Plates for Business Advertising and not only for your name or your initials or to take the age off your vehicle. They are also a good way to market your Business or Company. A sure way to get you noticed. How often have you been driving and you see a number plate on a vehicle that is advertising their company name or what business it is they are in. They look good and make you take notice.

They can be a great marketing tool and also some companies have a fleet of number plates that reflect their business.

We at Motor Marks have millions of personalised number plates and have selected some below. We think some of these would look great for Businesses and Companies for advertising purposes as well as being a sound investment.

Cherished Number Plates just keep on getting more popular and judging by recent prices they have achieved in current auctions they are also a very wise investment.

We have a searchable database that has over 40 million private, dateless, prefix, suffix, bargain,cheap and current style number plates. We are sure you will find something that is suitable to you. Why not give one of our Sales Staff a call on 0116 235 0116 now.

Cherished Car Number Plates suitable for Sports persons or Bookies and Betting Shops

Cherished Number Plates suitable for Emergency Services

Car Number Plates suitable for Veterinary Surgeon and RSPCA and Animal Workers

Personal Number Plates suitable for Glass Glazier and Window Fitter

Private Number Plates suitable for Takeaway Food and Fish and Chips

Cherished Registration Plates suitable for a Golfer

Car Number Plates suitable for a Gardener and Landscaper

Vehicle Number Plates suitable for MOT garage

Cherished Number Plates for Business Advertising

Cherished Number Plates suitable for Recovery Driver and Vehicle operator

Personalised Number Plates suitable for Waste Disposal and Plumber and Toilet Facilities

Number Plates suitable for Clothes / Shoes / Bag shops

These are just a very small selection that we have. All are in stock and are genuine issued car number plates. The prices can be found on the website database.

Give us a call now and see if we have the perfect number plate for your Business or Company. What a great way to advertise your Business with a personalised number plate.

FA Cup – Eurovision – Premier League – Number Plates for all events

A cherished number plate does not always have to be about the person who it belongs to such as their name or initials or the car model that they drive it can also be about their hobby or craft or an event they look forward to each year, or it can be about their favourite football club, music taste or even just a fun number plate.

This week has seen Leicester City Football Club win the FA Cup for the first time and 52 years since they even appeared in the FA Cup final. What a tremendous moment.

Manchester City has also become the Premier League Winners this year an accolade that they have now achieved 7 times.

Eurovision is also this weekend, this is like Marmite either you love it or hate it.

There are many cherished number plates that relate to these events that we have for sale and so many others that you can browse through on our database of over 40 million number plates.

The prices of these number plates vary from the cheap bargain number plates of £25 plus vat and £80 transfer fee to £100,000 plus vat and £80 transfer fee for some of the more prestigious cherished number plates

We are sure that we have something that would be suitable for everyone.

If you want a fun number plate we have those to, something to make you smile.

Give us a call on 0116 235 0116 where you can speak to one of our Sales Staff or if you want to browse first then take a look on our database.

Here is a couple of cherished number plates that relate to these events

leicester city football club
manchester city football club

Number Plates Sports and Fitness

Well the good weather is hopefully making an entrance now and with the nights becoming lighter we have time to do more, Gyms re-opened and outdoor sports all back up and running we are all hopefully getting back to our sports and exercise.

We have some great sports and fitness related cherished number plates.

Car Number plates don’t have to be about the individuals name or initials or the vehicle make or model they can also be related to your favourite activity or sports.

We have compiled a small list from our extensive database of cherished number plates to show you the sort of sports related number plates we have in stock.

If you don’t see anything you like or would like to get in touch to see if we can find the number plate you are looking for then give one of our Sales Staff a call on 0116 235 0116.

The numbers listed below are genuine issued Cherished Number Plates and are all stock ready for immediate transfer and are all plus vat and £80 DVLA transfer fee, prices can be found on our database.

As well as selling these types of car number plates we also have a huge stock of cheap number plates that start from as little as £110 all inclusive, we have bargain number plates and discount number plates as well as the prefix and current style number plates. These start from £250 plus the vat and £80 DVLA transfer fee and then we have the Antique style plates that are the more expensive ones that can be Dateless, Irish or say a name word vehicle etc.

Please contact us on 0116 235 0116 for any requirements you have or just to speak to one of our Sales Advisors.

Number Plates – Perfect Gift for Mothers Day

Well Mothers Day will soon be upon us once again and why not give her the gift of a Cherished Number Plate instead of the usual flowers and chocolates, a gift that is as unique to her as she is to you.

At Motor Marks we offer various types of car number plates and we are sure there will be something for everyone’s taste.

We have the cheap and cheerful Bargain Number Plates. These types don’t have to be a name or contain their initials but maybe they don’t like their current one and want to change it, then these Cheap Number Plates are for you they start from as little as £25 plus vat and the transfer fee of £80 making £110 in total. A BARGAIN!!

Then there are the Prefix and Current Style Number Plates these are where you can choose the initials and year ( you are not allowed to make your vehicle appear newer ) subject to availability and these types start from £250 plus vat and the transfer fee of £80 so come up as £380 in total.

Then there are the Antique Style Number Plates or Dateless as they are also called. These number plates range from the £100’s into the £1000’s of pounds and do not contain any dating letters either Suffix or Prefix.

You can view all of our Cherished Number Plates on our huge database where you can search millions online.

Alternatively if you would prefer to speak direct to a member of our office sales team then give us a call on 0116 235 0116.

Give them a Gift that is as Unique as they are !

Naughty Number Plates

Valentines Day will soon be upon us and why not give your loved one the gift of a Personalised Number Plate instead of the usual chocolates and flowers. We have some rude, sexy, naughty and fun cherished number plates that will be sure to put a smile on your loved ones face.

We have listed a small selection for you below, all the numbers are genuine issued number plates and are all available for immediate transfer.

The prices can be found on our database and you can also search for any desired combination.

We also offer cheap discount bargain number plates that start from as little as £25 plus vat and transfer fee making a total of £110 all inclusive.

Want the personal touch then give us a call on 0116 235 0116.

Happy Valentines Day

Number Plates – Upcoming changes to legislation from 1st January 2021

Introduction of the new standard for number plates : BS AU 145e

The British Standards Institute publishes the technical standards that all number plates are required to satisfy and this requirement is mandated in law. In March 2018, the BSI published an updated standard for number plates, BS AU 145e. This new standard will improve the durability of new number plates and enhance compatibility with on road enforcement cameras.

The new standard also requires that plates only display single shade black lettering removing the ability to use different shades to produce 3D effects or highlighting.

The agency has not seen any evidence to show that number plates displaying raised plastic, acrylic or perspex lettering (3D/4D plates) are able to meet the requirements of either the current or new the British Standard.

To take effect this new British Standard needs to be incorporated into the regulations and will become mandatory from 1st September 2021 but can be used from 1st January 2021.

This means that as a supplier you: must ensure that the number plates you supply can meet all the requirements of the standard and legislative requirements and should contact your component supplier or manufacturer if you are unsure whether the components they supply for you can meet the standard. It is an offence to supply number plates that cannot meet the standard

Changes to the eligibility for black and silver number plates

It will be specified in law from 1st January 2021 that only vehicles manufactured before 1st January 1980 are eligible to display “black and silver” number plates

As a supplier this means you: can only produce black and silver number plates for those vehicles registered prior to 1st January 1980 that have also been licensed in the historic tax class

Removal of the “EU” symbol

As part of the UK’s exit from the EU, government will remove the ability to fix a new number plate displaying the Euro symbol after the end of the EU exit transition period. Those registration plates fixed to a vehicle before 1st January 2021 will be unaffected.

As a supplier this means you: cannot produce a number plate with an “EU” symbol from 1st January 2021

Green Number Plates

Green Number Plates (GNP) will signify that the vehicle emits zero emissions and will consist of a green flash on the left hand side of a registration number plate. They will be non-mandatory and available to new and existing qualifying vehicles.

Regional emblems and identifiers that are currently permitted can still be displayed on the green flash.


Only vehicles with zero tailpipe emissions (e.g. fully battery electric, or hydrogen fuel cell) can display a green number plate. Hybrids and plug-in hybrids (including range extenders) are not eligible.

This applies to all vehicle types – cars, vans, taxis, motorbikes; and buses, coaches and HGV’s


The regulations state that the green flash must be no less than 40mm in width, and no more than 50mm in width it must be retro-reflective and be matching or of an equivalent green to the Pantone 7481c colour reference


Christmas Gift – Number Plates

Well Christmas is now only two weeks away and if you are still unsure about what to buy your loved one why not give the gift of a Cherished Number Plate this year. As well as being a gift that is unique to the recipient they are also a great source of investment. Most cherished number plates only go up in value over the years and if you did decide it’s not for you and wanted to sell it you will nearly always get back what you paid for it if you wanted to resell it on a commission basis.

Cherished Number Plates do not have to be expensive either, you can go for the choose your initials Prefix and Current Style Number Plates which start from £250 plus vat and the transfer fee of £80, or you can opt for a cheap bargain number plate that doesn’t necessarily mean anything to you but you just want to change the registration number on your current car, these are from £25.00 plus vat and the £80 transfer fee so £110 all inclusive.

We have a huge database where you can browse through millions of personalised number plates or if you would like to talk to us then call 0116 235 0116 where we can help with your enquiry.

Most of our stock cherished number plates can be transferred the same day using the online DVLA transfer system and subject to meeting the relevant terms and conditions of transfer and if payment is made using BACS, so don’t think you are not going to have enough time to purchase yours between now and Christmas.

So what are you waiting for browse here or give one of our Sales Staff a call on 0116 235 0116.

Christmas and New Year Opening Times for DVLA Swansea including the online transfer facility.

Monday 21 December 8am to 8pm

Tuesday 22 December 8am to 8pm

Wednesday 23rd December 8am to 8pm

Christmas Eve 24 December CLOSED

Christmas Day 25 December CLOSED

Boxing Day 26 December CLOSED

Sunday 27 December CLOSED

Monday 28 December CLOSED

Tuesday 29 December 10am to 4pm

Wednesday 30 December 10am to 4pm

New Year’s Eve 31 December 10am to 4pm

New Year’s Day 1 January 2021 CLOSED

Saturday 2nd January 8am to 4pm

Sunday 3rd January CLOSED

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year 2021 and hope you all stay safe.

Merry Christmas from us all at Motor Marks

Cheap Number Plates

Looking to purchase a number plate and don’t want to spend a fortune then look no further. We at Motor Marks have many discount number plates and bargain number plates with prices starting from as cheap as £25 plus vat, thats £110 on the vehicle.

We offer numbers that will take the age away from your vehicle so that your car can look more distinguished or if you dont like the number plate that comes with the car and want to change it then we may have something to suit you. We also offer the DVLA prefix and current style number plates that start from £250 plus vat and transfer so you can choose your initials without going over budget.

Whatever your requirements we are sure that we will have something to offer you.

Why not look at our cheap number plates page which lists a selection of our bargain number plates. Same day transfers may also be available on most of these cheap number plates subject to terms and conditions and if payment is made by BACS.

Give our Sales Team a call on 0116 235 0116

Happy to be of service

DVLA – Classic Car Tax

Owners of tax-exempt cars who have had to pay to keep their classic cars legally on the road during the lockdown will have their money refunded the DVLA has announced this week.

Since the DVLA suspended most of their paperwork enquiries during the lockdown many owners have not been able to register classic vehicles’ to ‘Historic’ vehicle status and have had to pay hundreds of pounds in additional road tax to enable them to drive their cars legally.

The DVLA announced that classic car owners obliged to tax their historic vehicles from April will be refunded each full month of excise duty paid. Refunds will take place 6 weeks after documents have been processed.

Since staff returned to work on 15th June they have been working through the backlog of documentation needed to change the tax class of cars to ‘Historic’ meaning not everyone has been able to take advantage of their cars new found Vehicle Excise Duty exemption (VED). This has meant that some owners of classic vehicles had no choice but to keep their documents back and tax their cars as usual.

So a nice getsure from DVLA for a change.

Don’t forget if you are looking for a cherished number plate for your classic vehicle we have a huge database to search through. As well as offering private number plates we have cheap bargain number plates starting from £110 all inclusive. Whatever your combination and budget we are sure we have something for everyone.

Please contact our Sales Staff on 0116 235 0116

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