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Dangerous Drivers who kill could face life sentences

Under new plans that have been put forward by ministers Dangerous Drivers who kill are set to face life sentences.

Dangerous Drivers who cause death by their reckless driving, speeding, street racing or distracted by using a mobile phone could now be treated in a similar way to those who are charged with manslaughter.

These plans also apply to people who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The Ministry of Justice wants your views on this proposal on whether the current maximum penalties should be increased.

You can give your views by February 1st 2017 by logging onto:

Other proposals include:
creating a new offence of causing serious injury by careless driving with a maximum sentence of 3 years
increasing minimum driving bans of those convicted of causing death

In 2015, 122 people were sentenced for causing death by driving with a further 21 convicted of causing death while under the influence. While the UK has one of the best road safety records in the world, deaths and injuries still cause devastation to the victims and their families.

So we wish all you Drivers a very safe Journey not just over the Christmas Festivities but at all times and remember Don’t Drink and Drive or use your mobile phone whilst driving, you can always call or text them back.

Safety First.






NEC Classic Motor Show


It is that time of the year when the NEC will hold its annual NEC Classic Motor Show. This year it is being held on 11th to 13th November 2016 at the NEC in Birmingham.

The show is hosted by Lancaster Insurance and this year they will have 2500 classic cars and motorcycles on display covering over one million square feet (about 12 football sized pitches).

Some of the attractions at this years show are

Silverstone Auctions

Meguiar’s Showcase

Wheeler Dealers Live Stage

All-Star Line-Up

Dream Rides

Lancaster Insurance Pride of Ownership

Star Cars and new for this year Christmas Ideas – ideas for the ‘leaded’ petrolhead

To see the full show guide go to


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Number Plate News

Well we have just waved goodbye to another auction of cherished and personalised DVLA number plates and it just goes to show that they are becoming more and more of an investment. Property is still one of the best decisions you can make in investing your money but I have to say that Cherished Number Plates are becoming a firm second. The revenue being made by the sale of these personalised number plates is huge and the top 5 selling numbers in last weeks auction were:

5 UV  £51,000

675 M £30,500

321 O £29,000

KN16 HTS £28,600

500 OOO £25,000

All these prices are on the hammer so there is also the VAT and buyers premium and £80 ct fee to be added.


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Barn Finds – DVLA urged to check all

The International Association of Auto Theft Investigators (IAATI) are calling on the DVLA at Swansea to do more about barn-find related crime and have urged them to vet all such finds.

The IAATI says it is currently far too easy for criminals to steal cars and have them re-registered as ‘barn finds’ with the DVLA.

They report that criminals are stealing classic vehicles and with minimal questioning from the DVLA the car can get re-registered.

The IAATI say that all the things the DVLA are supposed to check simply are not getting done. It appears that if you have an old buff log book they can get the forms through.

The DVLA however say that although situations like this do happen they have not seen any rise in these situations and in the number of registrations of barn finds.

barn find ferrari

If you do come across a barn find though here is how to register it
It must be built from genuine period components from more than one vehicle, all over 25 years old and of the same specification.
The appropriate Vehicle Owners Club for the vehicle must inspect the vehicle and confirm in writing that it has been inspected, is a true refection of the marque, and is comprised of genuine period components all over 25 years old<
They must also give manufacture dates for the major components.The DVLA will assign an age-related  registration number to the vehicle based on the youngest component used.
It must be a true refection of the marque.

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Personalised Number Plates – Popular than ever!

If its in the press then its got to be right hasn’t it. Personalised and cherished number plates are now more poplular than ever and even rank up there with ‘Fine Wine’ and ‘Rolex Watches’ as a way of investing your money.

expensive wine in the world Richebourg

Rolex watch

The sale of Personalised and Cherished car number plates raised a record £102million for the Treasury and us Britain’s are turning into  a nation of show offs and what better way than to invest in a cherished number plate.

Last year saw around 335,000 personalised and cherished number plates sold in the UK and the DVLA brought in £15million more in sales of cherished and personalised number plates compared with the previous year.

The most expensive cherished number plate sold to date in the UK was ’25 O’ which fetched £400,000

Don’t just take my word for it see these stories in the national press

Daily Mail

The Guardian


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DVLA – Beware Suspicious Websites

Come across a website that looks like it is a legitimate website purporting to be real. Sometimes you may find that a website looks like the real deal and can look like it is part of an official government service or that they can provide more help than they actually do. This could mean that you might pay for services that you could get cheaper on the real websites or even the service for free if you actually used the real website.

For example there are lots of links to websites purporting to be the DVLA and who offer the services to tax your car online or transfer the ownership of your V5C etc….

Beware of internet scams and frauds. Always make sure you never give out information that could jeopordise your security.

beware caution

! Never give out private or personal information such as your bank details or passwords and don’t reply to text messages or click on attachments in emails if you are unsure whether they are genuine or not.

Most of us think we are internet savvy but it only takes 1 click.

internet safety

This is just a reminder from Motor Marks. Stay safe when browsing the internet and using websites.

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No Exemption for Classic Cars entering London

e type jag the mall

Classic Car owners will have to pay a whopping £21.50 a day to drive into the centre of London from next year.

Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London has announced the introduction of an additional £10 ‘T-charge’. The measure is being set up to reduce emissions, bringing the figure up to £21.50 which includes the original £11.50 congestion charge. From 2017, it will tax vehicles registered before 2005 and the levy will apply to all vehicles with pre-Euro IV emission standards and will operate in the same area as the congestion charge zone between 7.00am and 6.00pm Monday -Friday.

Speaking from FBHVC communications the Director Geoff Lancaster says ‘Policy Makers have not taken classic cars into account, it is nonsense!

A spokesperson for the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said that there were no current proposals to exempt classic cars from the new ‘T-charge’ but were prepared to listen to feedback from the classic car industry.

Historic vehicles are already exempt from a separate low emissions area the ULEZ ( Ultra Low Emissions Zone) which is due to be extended form central London to cover the North and South Circular roads from 7th September 2020.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan says with nearly 10,000 people dying early every year in London due to exposure to air pollution cleaning up London’s toxic air was now an issue of life and death.

classic cars

DVLA Website still missing 43 Marques

Classic Car owners are banging their heads against a wall because the DVLA, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency is refusing to add more than 40 missing marques to its online database.

The DVLA are currently spending £2m on revamping their internet service facilities but despite being approached by both the Standard Motor Club and the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs the DVLA have declined to update its online Vehicle Enquiry System to include classic car names such as Standard, Alvis and Gilbern.

The names do not appear on the standard drop-down menu so customers are having to physically type the car marques in.

Car owners are also facing problems with VOSA, MOT’s, Insurance and DVLA Motor Tax at the DVLA.

The full list of the 43 missing marques that are still not recognised by the DVLA, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency database are as follows:











































The DVLA are aware of the issue with the Vehicle Online System and have said that the list is kept to the most popular makes and models of vehicles but are looking to improve based on feedback that they have received.

If you experience problems with the DVLA online database please get in contact with the FBHVC, they are a very good active group and will be able to hopefully help you.

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Historic Vehicles – Drop MoT for all Historic Vehicles

Sir Greg Knight, who chairs the All Party Parliamentary Historic Vehicles Group, says he would like to see cars being spared both road tax and annual roadworthiness tests when they reach 40 years old.

There are 2 different date classes of historic vehicle. Those that are both tax and MoT exempt manufactured before 1960 and those that have to undergo a modern MoT but are nevertheless exempt from Vehicle Excise Duty and which were made 40 years ago, which is a rolling exemption. He sees no reason for this distinction and is urging the government to merge the two dates. All vehicles manufactured 40 years ago should be both exempt from Vehicle Excise Duty and MoT as part of the historic vehicle classification and that both dates should be a rolling exemption he says.

The government has already proposed exempting tax-exempt vehicles from roadworthiness tests – as it’s done with pre 1960 classics – when it implements the EU Roadworthiness Directive into UK Law in 2 years time.

The Classic aware campaign says it is still working to make sure classics are given safety inspections if the MoT system is replaced by a new roadworthiness test in 2018.

What is the EU Roadworthiness Directive. – It will abolish the current MoT and replace it with a new testing regime and must be implemented in the UK by May 2018, however it is up to the UK governement how it happens.

The FBHVC and the All Party Historic Vehicle Group want to ensure ‘no safe and roadworthy historic vehicle’ is banned from being used as a result, and have proposed a system where vehicles that reach tax-exempt status are also exempted from roadworthiness testing, similar to the arrangement for pre 1960 cars which was introduced 3 years ago.

Top 10 most expensive cars sold at auction

Here is a list of the top 10 cars that have been sold at auction over the years.

10 – 1953 Ferrari 340/375 MM Berlinetta ‘Competizione’. This car fetched $12.8m (£8.5m at today’s exchange rate)

Ferrari Berlinetta

9 –  1964 Ferrari 250 LM. This car fetched $14.3m (£9.4m at today’s exchange rate)


8 – 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider. This car fetched $15.2m (£10m at today’s exchange rate)


7 – 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa. This fetched $16.4m (£10.8m at today’s exchange rate)

Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa

6 – 1954 Ferrari 375 Plus Spider Competizione. This fetched $18.4m (£12.1m at today’s exchange rate)

Ferrari 375 Spider

5 – 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider. This fetched $18.5m (£12.2m at today’s exchange rate)

Ferrari 250 spider

4 – 1964 Ferrari 275 GTB ? C Speciale. This fetched $26.4m (£17.4m at today’s exchange rate)

Ferrari 275

3 – 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB / 4* S NART Spider. This fetched $27.5m (£18.2m at today’s exchange rate)


2 – 1954 Mercedes W196. This fetched $29.6m (£19.5m at today’s exchange rate) The ONLY car in the top 10 list that is not a Ferrari !!

1954 mercedes w196

1 – 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO. This fetched $38.1m (£25.1m at today’s exchange rate) The most valuable car ever sold at auction.

1962 Ferrari 250 GTO


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