Cheap Number Plates

Do you want to buy a cherished number plate but don’t want to spend a fortune then why not buy yourself a cover number plate a 3 x 3 that takes the dating year off your vehicle. Not for you then why not buy a cheap bargain number plate that is older than you vehicle, another way to show that you have a cherished number plate on your vehicle rather than the original or if this is still not for you but you would like your initials and still do not want to spend a fortune then try the make your own which start from £250 plus vat and transfer fee.

Remember you cannot make your vehicle appear newer but you have no problem making it look older. We have a wide variety of cherished number plates that are not expensive and won’t pull on your purse strings.

Take a look at our cheap page where they start from  as little as £116.00  all inc or go to the home page where you can enter your initials and these ones start from as little as £380.00 all inc.

Not sure what you want then give our sales staff a call on 0116 235 0116 where we will be happy to help.

Happy searching.

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