FA Cup – Eurovision – Premier League – Number Plates for all events

A cherished number plate does not always have to be about the person who it belongs to such as their name or initials or the car model that they drive it can also be about their hobby or craft or an event they look forward to each year, or it can be about their favourite football club, music taste or even just a fun number plate.

This week has seen Leicester City Football Club win the FA Cup for the first time and 52 years since they even appeared in the FA Cup final. What a tremendous moment.

Manchester City has also become the Premier League Winners this year an accolade that they have now achieved 7 times.

Eurovision is also this weekend, this is like Marmite either you love it or hate it.

There are many cherished number plates that relate to these events that we have for sale and so many others that you can browse through on our database of over 40 million number plates.

The prices of these number plates vary from the cheap bargain number plates of £25 plus vat and £80 transfer fee to £100,000 plus vat and £80 transfer fee for some of the more prestigious cherished number plates

We are sure that we have something that would be suitable for everyone.

If you want a fun number plate we have those to, something to make you smile.

Give us a call on 0116 235 0116 where you can speak to one of our Sales Staff or if you want to browse first then take a look on our database.

Here is a couple of cherished number plates that relate to these events

leicester city football club
manchester city football club

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