Name Number Plate A-Z

What’s in a Name?

We at Motor Marks have a huge database of over 40 million cherished number plates, comprising dateless, antique, prefix style, current style, suffix, Irish and cheap bargain number plates. We offer a great search facility for you to browse. We have compiled an A-Z showing a very small selection of our name personalised number plates taking one from each, obviously there are many more names and options but we have chosen the private number plate below. They registration numbers shown are all owned by us and are ready for immediate transfer. They are all plus vat and the £80 cherished transfer fee and the prices are shown on the website search facility.

If you would like us to try and find your perfect name number plate then please give our sales staff a call on 0116 235 0116.

Don’t forget these name number plates are just a very small selection we have many more names available please browse our huge database or give us a call, always happy to help.

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