Cherished Number Plates for Business Advertising

Cherished Number Plates for Business Advertising and not only for your name or your initials or to take the age off your vehicle. They are also a good way to market your Business or Company. A sure way to get you noticed. How often have you been driving and you see a number plate on a vehicle that is advertising their company name or what business it is they are in. They look good and make you take notice.

They can be a great marketing tool and also some companies have a fleet of number plates that reflect their business.

We at Motor Marks have millions of personalised number plates and have selected some below. We think some of these would look great for Businesses and Companies for advertising purposes as well as being a sound investment.

Cherished Number Plates just keep on getting more popular and judging by recent prices they have achieved in current auctions they are also a very wise investment.

We have a searchable database that has over 40 million private, dateless, prefix, suffix, bargain,cheap and current style number plates. We are sure you will find something that is suitable to you. Why not give one of our Sales Staff a call on 0116 235 0116 now.

Cherished Car Number Plates suitable for Sports persons or Bookies and Betting Shops

Cherished Number Plates suitable for Emergency Services

Car Number Plates suitable for Veterinary Surgeon and RSPCA and Animal Workers

Personal Number Plates suitable for Glass Glazier and Window Fitter

Private Number Plates suitable for Takeaway Food and Fish and Chips

Cherished Registration Plates suitable for a Golfer

Car Number Plates suitable for a Gardener and Landscaper

Vehicle Number Plates suitable for MOT garage

Cherished Number Plates for Business Advertising

Cherished Number Plates suitable for Recovery Driver and Vehicle operator

Personalised Number Plates suitable for Waste Disposal and Plumber and Toilet Facilities

Number Plates suitable for Clothes / Shoes / Bag shops

These are just a very small selection that we have. All are in stock and are genuine issued car number plates. The prices can be found on the website database.

Give us a call now and see if we have the perfect number plate for your Business or Company. What a great way to advertise your Business with a personalised number plate.

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