Number Plates – Perfect Gift for Mothers Day

Well Mothers Day will soon be upon us once again and why not give her the gift of a Cherished Number Plate instead of the usual flowers and chocolates, a gift that is as unique to her as she is to you.

At Motor Marks we offer various types of car number plates and we are sure there will be something for everyone’s taste.

We have the cheap and cheerful Bargain Number Plates. These types don’t have to be a name or contain their initials but maybe they don’t like their current one and want to change it, then these Cheap Number Plates are for you they start from as little as £25 plus vat and the transfer fee of £80 making £110 in total. A BARGAIN!!

Then there are the Prefix and Current Style Number Plates these are where you can choose the initials and year ( you are not allowed to make your vehicle appear newer ) subject to availability and these types start from £250 plus vat and the transfer fee of £80 so come up as £380 in total.

Then there are the Antique Style Number Plates or Dateless as they are also called. These number plates range from the £100’s into the £1000’s of pounds and do not contain any dating letters either Suffix or Prefix.

You can view all of our Cherished Number Plates on our huge database where you can search millions online.

Alternatively if you would prefer to speak direct to a member of our office sales team then give us a call on 0116 235 0116.

Give them a Gift that is as Unique as they are !

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