Number Plates Sports and Fitness

Well the good weather is hopefully making an entrance now and with the nights becoming lighter we have time to do more, Gyms re-opened and outdoor sports all back up and running we are all hopefully getting back to our sports and exercise.

We have some great sports and fitness related cherished number plates.

Car Number plates don’t have to be about the individuals name or initials or the vehicle make or model they can also be related to your favourite activity or sports.

We have compiled a small list from our extensive database of cherished number plates to show you the sort of sports related number plates we have in stock.

If you don’t see anything you like or would like to get in touch to see if we can find the number plate you are looking for then give one of our Sales Staff a call on 0116 235 0116.

The numbers listed below are genuine issued Cherished Number Plates and are all stock ready for immediate transfer and are all plus vat and £80 DVLA transfer fee, prices can be found on our database.

As well as selling these types of car number plates we also have a huge stock of cheap number plates that start from as little as £110 all inclusive, we have bargain number plates and discount number plates as well as the prefix and current style number plates. These start from £250 plus the vat and £80 DVLA transfer fee and then we have the Antique style plates that are the more expensive ones that can be Dateless, Irish or say a name word vehicle etc.

Please contact us on 0116 235 0116 for any requirements you have or just to speak to one of our Sales Advisors.

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