Number Plates – Top 12

Whether or not you are a fan of Cherished Number Plates there is no getting away from the fact some people will pay top price for their ultimate number plate.

We have been trading for over 30 years now and have seen numbers fetch hundreds of thousands of pounds. We have compiled the list of the Top 12 selling number plates that have been achieved at Auctions over the years. The prices are the what they fetched on the hammer so do not include all the extras.

We have millions of cherished number plates to view on our online database and as well as having many top price number plates we also have cheap bargain number plates that are from £116.00 all inclusive.

If you would like us to search for your desired cherished number plate or would like to ask a question please do not hesitate to contact us on 0116 235 0116

£400,000 NOVEMBER 2014
£285,000 MARCH 2009
£222,000 JULY 2019
£201,000 APRIL 2006
£196,000 NOVEMBER 2008
£185,000 DECEMBER 1993
£180,000 MAY 2015
£170,000 JANUARY 2009
£160,000 DECEMBER 1989
£156,000 APRIL 2006
£115,000 MARCH 2009
£101,700 SEPTEMBER 2008

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