Personalised Number Plates – now costs less to retain

From yesterday  9th March 2015 it will now cost you less to retain your cherished number plate. Instead of the old fee of £105 it will now only cost you £80 to retain your personalised number plate.

v778 retention certificate

This will apply to both paper and online transactions.

This change sees the removal of the £25 fee currently in place to renew the retention of a vehicle registration number on an annual basis. The renewal period is also extended to 10 years. There is another added benefit, the fee is being removed to add or change nominee details.

Customers will see a significant reduction in turnaround times following the introduction of this service. DVLA systems will be updated in real time and the service will provide instant confirmation that the application has been successful.

So what happens next? The vehicle registration certificate (V5C) with the replacement registration number and retention certificate is issued by post to the registered keeper on DVLA’s records. There will no longer be a replacement MOT certificate issued to the keeper as the original remains valid.

Today also sees DVLA launching its online ‘Take a Registration Number off a Vehicle’ service which allows keepers and the motor trade to apply to retain a number online. The service will be launched as private beta and rolled out to the trade only for a 2-week period. The service is scheduled to be available on GOV.UK as public beta on 23 March 2015.

For all information read the DVLA blog here DVLA Blog

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