Number Plates – Investment

Cherished Number Plates really are a great investment as a few recent stories in the press show.

The registration number 2 GTO which has been in the same family for 48 years and has been on their everyday cars is now going to be put up for sale and it is expected to fetch over £500,000 and possibly go onto a Ferrari 250 GTO. The number plate RR 1 has just been sold for £460,000 at the recent Goodwood Revival Festival and it has also been in the press that the sale of cherished and personalised number plates earn the government over £160 million a year so it shows they really are worth investing in.

We have over 100,00 million number plates up for sale on our website and they comprise of cheap, cherished, personalised and DVLA unissued number plates so what are you waiting for.

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Cherished number plates  – worth the investment! 

17 Series Number Plates

Well the 17 Series number plates was launched yesterday. You can now purchase a 17 series cherished number plate.


Obviously these types of number plates will only be allowed to be transferred to a March 2017 vehicle or newer but come supplied on a 10 year retention certificate.

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