Cherished Number Plate up for sale at half price offer !!!

Now that we have left the EURO (European Union) we feel that its time to give someone the chance to buy our stock DVLA Cherished Number Plate (ex Northern Ireland cherished number plate) EUI 20 which is the closest that you will get to spelling EURO.

So until February 29th 2020 we are offering the personalised number plate EUI 20 for half its retail price. It is currently on the market by us at £4995 plus vat and cherished transfer fee of £80.00 but we will offer it out for £2495.00 plus vat and cherished transfer fee of £80.00.

This is a genuine offer and the cherished number plate is a stock item owned by Motor Marks and is on a retention certificate ready for immediate transfer.

If you would like to purchase this please contact one of our sales staff on 0116 235 0116

Retention Certifcate V778’s and Certificate of Entitlement V750’s Important News


As from 18th December 2019 you will no longer be able to renew out of date retention certificate V778’s or Certificate of Entitlement V750’s. The DVLA Swansea are implementing these changes and the cut off date for renewing any out of date certificates ends on 18th December 2019. YOU MUST RENEW any that you have out of date as there will be no leniency regarding this new ruling.

Example of V778 Retention Document and example of V750 Certificate of Entitlement

Millions of motorists have personalised or cherished number plates on their vehicles but many others hold the rights to use them without actually having them on a vehicle, known as keeping them on retention. Some owners view them as an investment rather than something to adorn a vehicle but DVLA Swansea changes could see motorists lose the right to these investments.

You need to act NOW before it is too late.

For some people this is not common knowledge and therefore we as number plates dealers are making sure that you are aware.

If these changes are going to affect you and your retention documents are out of date, you need to make sure you act now and before the cut off date of 18th December 2019. Currently, if a certificate is out of date you can buy back the right to use it from the DVLA Swansea as long as you obtained the relevant V750 or V778 certificate before March 9th, 2015 and it expired on or after 1st May 2011. You can renew the certificate by paying £25 for every year to get it up to date but this will no longer be the case from 18th December 2019. So if your plate ran out 13 months ago you would pay £50 ( 2 years ) So, if you have an out of date retention document or certificate of entitlement, it is very important to act now or you risk losing your rights to your cherished number plates entirely.

You will need to fill out the form on your documentation and send it to the DVLA Swansea along with the fee owed. If you don’t have your documentation, you need to write to the DVLA Swansea giving a reason for not having the original V778 / V750 document, along with the appropriate fee, details of your cherished number plate and proof of your name and address for example your driving licence.

Failure to comply with these new regulations could have serious consequences as you are basically giving up your rights to your cherished number plates.

Please check any V778 /V750 certificates that you have and act NOW.

BOSS Number Plates

What type of BOSS are you? A few of our BOSS cherished number plates below, all are genuine issued registration numbers and all available for immediate transfer.


Not a BOSS but would still like a cherished number plate then why not browse our huge database of personalised number plates, we also have the cheap and cheerful range see our bargain plates

Want to speak to someone then give us a call on 0116 235 0116

Always Happy to help

17 Series Number Plates

Well the 17 Series number plates was launched yesterday. You can now purchase a 17 series cherished number plate.


Obviously these types of number plates will only be allowed to be transferred to a March 2017 vehicle or newer but come supplied on a 10 year retention certificate.

Still not purchased one or not sure what cherished number plate is best for you.

Why not call one of our experienced Sales Staff  at Motor Marks on 0116 235 0116 where they will be happy to help with your choice.

Plenty of Personalised and Cherished DVLA Car Number Plates to browse through on our online database click here.

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