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Well 2018 seems like a distant memory and we are now into the 3rd week of January 2019. How many of you have kept your New Year Resolutions?
Usually we make these resolutions and they are generally to do with eating healthier and keeping fit.

We at Motor Marks have many fitness and healthy related cherished number plates so not only get motivated for the new you, you can also invest in a personalised number plate as well.
Whether a gym bod is what you are wanting or you play tennis, football, golf, rugby or like to do your keep fit in the garden we have various car number plates to choose from.

All the numbers plates listed below are genuine issued car number plates and are all ready for immediate transfer. Prices are all available on the home database.

You can also view all of our number plates including cheap and bargain number plates via the home database.

If alternatively you would like to speak to one of our sales staff then please call 0116 235 0116

Below are a  few examples of some of the fitness and healthy related cherished number plates.



Here’s to a healthy you and a great cherished number plate.

Happy New Year


Happy New Year 2019

Motor Marks would like to wish all of our customers past, present and the ones in the future a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year 2019.

If you had the fortune of receiving money this year for your Christmas Present and cannot decide what to buy with it, then let me recommend a Cherished or Personalised Number Plate.

Not only are they something that is personal to your they are also a brilliant way of investing your money in as they tend to go up in value the longer you have them and if you decide you no longer want them you can always put them back up for sale. So basically they are win win.

We have various car number plates for sale and they start from as little as £116.00 all inclusive for some of our cheap bargain number plates.


Want to spend a little bit more then you can also choose your own initials (subject to availability) which are the Prefix style number plates and they start from £380 all inclusive.


If you have a little more money to invest then we also have the dateless number plates or names etc and these vary in prices.



Please take a look at huge database where you can search for your required combination and you will also be able to see the prices.

Alternatively if you would rather speak to someone then call us on 0116 235 0116.

Here’s to 2019

A Christmas Number Plate Story

A short Christmas Story featuring Cherished Number Plates

So in just under a fortnight it will be Christmas Day, the day J6 SUS was born and when we all hope to get a PR65 ENT from the FAT 80Y himself.

We maybe say a P124 YER or sing a christmas DCA 120L or two the night before and leave him out some 6 RUB to GOB 81L or J5 EAT hoping that he doesn’t FAR 7Y.

When he comes down the chimney with his sack we hope he doesn’t get his B16 EDD or B16 TUM stuck and hope he leaves a PAR 53L under the christmas tree which could be a NV03 LTY gift or maybe a nice DRE 5S for the 64 LS or we hope he leaves some TOY 5 for the children.

It could be your 7 DAD pretending to be the CHU 88Y man in the red suit.


We hope it S17 OWS around this time as it makes it seem more festive for the holidays although we don’t like the FRO 57T.

Santa has to make sure his sleigh is FAS 77T as he has to get around everyones homes and he has his FUR12Y FLE 33T of reindeer to help him on his journey.

So here is wishing you all a safe and Happy Christmas  and who knows will we still be in EUI 20 next year!!!



Hope you like my little story and of course all the cherished number plates listed above in bold are genuine issued registration number plates and are all available for sale.

Most are ready for immediate transfer and all the prices can be found on our website database or alternatively please call one of our sales staff on 0116 235 0116.


Merry Christmas from us all at Motor Marks

TOY 5 for Christmas

Christmas will once again be soon upon of and who wants some “TOYS”

We have the ULTIMATE toys cherished number plate TOY 5. In stock and ready for immediate transfer. Would look fabulous on a promotions vehicle or if your the MD of a TOY company then on your company car.

Take at look at our website, we have millions of cherished number plates on offer, or alternatively call and speak to one of our sales staff on 0116 235 0116 

Treat yourself or that special someone.



Whats in a name?

We at Motor Marks have plenty of name cherished number plates.

Below we have compiled a small list of some of the cherished number plates that say names /surnames which are all available to buy and are ready for immediate transfer. The number plates are all genuine issued number plates.

If you cannot see your name don’t worry, as I said these are just a few, browse our namesplates page or view our database

Alternatively you can call one of our sales staff on 0116 235 0116 where we will be happy to help.

savage cherished number plate sayer cherished number plates fullon cherished number plateslater cherished number platestessa k cherished number platew sands cherished number plateswilsons cherished number plateswahids cherished number plateswest cherished number plateswrays cherished number plateswraggs cherished number plate

If you don’t want a name cherished number plate then we also do cheap bargain number plates that start from as little as £116 all inclusive.

See our cheap page with a list of cheap number plates




Cherished car number plates are not only a great investment but they can also be a great advertising module for your brand / company / business etc.

We at Motor Marks have compiled a short list of personalised number plates that we think would be great as advertising gimics on either a company vehicle or your own car / bike / lorry / van

All of the cherished number plates are genuine issued number plates and all the prices can be found on our website database

Don’t forget that this is only a small selection of the millions of number plates that we have advertised.

All are ready for immediate transfer.

If you cannot find what you are looking for and would prefer to talk to a sales advisor then please call us on 0116 235 0116



Number Plates – Halloween

Cherished Number Plates for Halloween. We have various cherished number plates suitable for Halloween and have listed a few of them below. You can view all of our cherished numbers plates on our database with the prices.


All the above number plates are genuine issued number plates and the prices can be found on our database on the website. Most can be transferred very quickly upon cleared funds and usually can be assigned suing the online transfer service.

If you would like a cherished number plate and do not want to pay hundreds or thousands then we have bargain number plates and cheap number plates from as little as £30 plus vat and transfer fee making a total of £116 on the car (minus the actual plates)

Have a happy or haunting Halloween

Numbers – Number Plates


We have lots of cherished number plates to choose from on our huge database of personalised car number plates. Listed below are some of the all NUMBERS car number plates. All the numbers are genuine issued car number plates and are ready for immediate transfer and are all available for sale with the prices listed on the website, alternatively you can always give one of our sales staff a call on
0116 235 0116.

Have we got your number?



















Don’t forget these are just a small selection that we have with all numbers, please go to our database to search for loads more cherished number plates.



Cheap Number Plates

Do you want to buy a cherished number plate but don’t want to spend a fortune then why not buy yourself a cover number plate a 3 x 3 that takes the dating year off your vehicle. Not for you then why not buy a cheap bargain number plate that is older than you vehicle, another way to show that you have a cherished number plate on your vehicle rather than the original or if this is still not for you but you would like your initials and still do not want to spend a fortune then try the make your own which start from £250 plus vat and transfer fee.

Remember you cannot make your vehicle appear newer but you have no problem making it look older. We have a wide variety of cherished number plates that are not expensive and won’t pull on your purse strings.

Take a look at our cheap page where they start from  as little as £116.00  all inc or go to the home page where you can enter your initials and these ones start from as little as £380.00 all inc.

Not sure what you want then give our sales staff a call on 0116 235 0116 where we will be happy to help.

Happy searching.

Number Plates – Investment

Cherished Number Plates really are a great investment as a few recent stories in the press show.

The registration number 2 GTO which has been in the same family for 48 years and has been on their everyday cars is now going to be put up for sale and it is expected to fetch over £500,000 and possibly go onto a Ferrari 250 GTO. The number plate RR 1 has just been sold for £460,000 at the recent Goodwood Revival Festival and it has also been in the press that the sale of cherished and personalised number plates earn the government over £160 million a year so it shows they really are worth investing in.

We have over 100,00 million number plates up for sale on our website and they comprise of cheap, cherished, personalised and DVLA unissued number plates so what are you waiting for.

Browse now or give our sales staff a call on 0116 235 0116    

Cherished number plates  – worth the investment! 

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