DVLA CALL FOR EVIDENCE – Complete the survey and have your say !

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) and DfT have launched a call for evidence around the existing policies and registration processes for historic, classic and rebuilt vehicles.

The aim is to seek knowledge and expertise about whether these policies need updating to reflect evolving technologies that support the restoration and rebuilding of these vehicles.

DVLA and DfT are very keen to tap into a range of experience, views and research to help identify areas of potential change whilst ensuring that road safety and accurate vehicle records on the national register remain a key priority.

The call for evidence asks for evidence on a number of topics including:

  • historic/classic vehicles registration
  • rebuilt and restored vehicles
  • kit-built vehicles
  • vehicles converted to electric propulsion
  • Q registration numbers
  • the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

This call for evidence runs until 4th July and you can respond by visiting the link here

The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FHBVC) have posted some draft responses to the consultation on there website if you wish to look into this topic in more detail.

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Don’t forget to make a difference, respond by 4th July

EURO 2024 We have the Ultimate Number Plate

Are you a football fanatic and cannot wait for the Euros to finally start.

We have the ultimate cherished number plate EUI 20 – EURO

The Euros are scheduled to take place from 14th June 2024 – 14th July 2024 and the tournament will be hosted by Germany. The winner will later compete in the CONMEBOL – UEFA Cup of Champions against the 2024 Copa America winner.

There are 24 countries competing in the tournament with ENGLAND being one of them.

The Euros

We also have the fabulous ENGLAND private registration number.

Both EUI 20 and ENG 147D number plates are in stock and are on retentions ready for immediate transfer.

EUI 20 is priced at £4995 plus vat and £80 transfer fee and ENG 147D is £19,995 plus vat and £80 transfer fee.

We also have various car plates suitable for football including initials, names and themes, which you can view here Football Number Plates

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Enjoy the Tournament and Good Luck to ENGLAND

Saint Patrick’s Day Time to Celebrate – Great PAT Number Plates

Saint Patrick’s Day is held on March 17th and is observed by the Catholic Church as well as others’ especially the Church of Ireland and the day commemorates Saint Patrick and the arrival of christianity in Ireland.

It was made a Feast day in the 17th Century.

Today we celebrate with public parades and festivals and the wearing of green clothing and attire and Shamrocks.

People are also encouraged to eat and drink alcohol with restrictions for lent lifted on this day.

10 Interesting Facts about Saint Patrick

St. Patrick wasn’t actually Irish

Despite being the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick was born in Britain in either Scotland or Wales (accounts tend to vary on that point). His parents, Calpurnius and Conchessa, were both Roman citizens and his mother gave birth to him in 385AD.

Slavery was what brought St. Patrick to Ireland

As a teenager, St. Patrick was kidnapped by a pirate raiding party and sold into slavery in Ireland. As a slave, he looked after and herded sheep for many years before fleeing to a monastery in England. While there, he became a devout follower of Christianity and ordained a Bishop, after which he returned to Ireland as a missionary.

St. Patrick actually wore blue, not green

Although everyone is expected to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day, all surviving artworks of St. Patrick show him wearing blue robes. It’s the reason why through the years, flags, sports uniforms and coat-of-arms featured the colour. As time progressed, green as a national colour grew in favour particularly in the 17th century.

St. Patrick isn’t technically a saint

While he’s been given the title in popular lore, St. Patrick was never actually officially canonised as a saint. However many still recognise his contributions to the Catholic church and he remains a spiritual figure to this day.

St Patrick’s Day is held on the day he passed away

In the Catholic tradition, the day a saint passes away is considered a holy day to celebrate their ascension into heaven. St. Patrick passed away on March 17 and it continues to be when St. Patrick’s Day is held annually.

St. Patrick probably didn’t drive all the snakes out of Ireland

One of the most popular myths about the Irish saint is that he rid the country of snakes, however modern science has since ruined that belief for everyone. As Ireland has always been an incredibly cold country, scientists have said that it’s highly unlikely that there were any snakes to begin with and there are no fossils to disprove the theory.

St. Patrick’s walking stick grew into a tree while he was preaching

Another popular tale regarding St. Patrick tells the story of how he left his ashwood walking stick in the ground, while he went off to try and convert the villagers of a small town to Christianity. The effort took so long however that the walking stick became an ash tree which the town takes its name from – Aspatria, Cumbria.

Patrick was not St. Patrick’s given name

St. Patrick’s given name was Maewyn Succat. It wasn’t until he became a priest that he adopted a new name – Patrick, after Patricius (which relates to the Latin root meaning father)

‘Drowning the shamrock’ is said to have started with St. Patrick

The tradition of drinking to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day is said to have started with the saint himself, who announced that everybody should have ‘a drop of the hard stuff’ after an innkeeper was less than forthcoming with a bottle of whiskey. While there was a brief period where drinking on St. Patrick’s Day was banned, the tradition has since returned in full force.

The shamrock as an Irish symbol is said to have been popularised by St. Patrick

As the stories go, St. Patrick supposedly used the iconic shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity while preaching. With each leaf representing Christianity’s Holy Father, Son and Holy Spirit, it was a symbol that showed how they could be three different spiritual entities and yet all part of the same whole.

We have lots of PAT cherished number plates that are referenced to PATRICK and we have listed some of these below.

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Mother’s Day – Give a gift as unique as they are. A Cherished Number Plate

This Mother’s Day why not give them a unique present and give them a gift of a Cherished Number Plate

Why we celebrate Mother’s Day

Sunday 10th March 2024 this year will once again be Mothering Sunday. A day that we celebrate our ‘Mothers’

Whether it is your Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Auntie or whoever you choose to call your MUM, this Sunday this will be a time when we all celebrate and show our appreciation and thanks.

This year why not give them the gift of a Cherished Number Plate instead of the usual flowers, chocolates or jewellery. They no longer cost a small fortune, you can buy one all inclusive for £104 choosing one of our Cheap Number Plates.

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Happy Mother’s Day from us all at Motor Marks

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New In Number Plates

Some new number plates that have come in for sale recently

Every day we are offered new car number plates to purchase for our stock, we also offer a selling service whereby we advertise your number plate for you on a commission basis. These are just some of the new stock or commission cherished car number plates that we have added to our website in the last week or so. They are all priced on our home page and are plus the £80 transfer fee and VAT where applicable. Please see our database where you can browse through all of our listings.

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Recent Additions

Number Plates – Perfect for that Unique Christmas Gift

A personalised number plate, the perfect gift this christmas, as unique as them.

With less than a week to go before Christmas Day is upon us, there is still time to get them a present that is as unique as them.

Are you still looking to find the perfect christmas gift to give them? Do you want to give them a present that is as unique as them?

Then we have the answer, give them the gift of a personalised cherished number plate.

Cherished number plates, The Perfect Personal Christmas Gift.

We at Motor Marks have the perfect christmas gift, with a huge searchable database of millions of cherished car number plates to choose from, we are sure that you will find spomething suitable for even the hardest person to buy for.

Prices from as little as £104 all inclusive you won’t have to break the bank or have to delve into your savings. We can supply any cherished number plate on a retention document if you are not ready to assign to a vehicle just yet or if you are, the transfer can be processed the same day subject to Terms.

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Just remember stay safe, get a taxi, have fun and relax and enjoy.

We at Motor Marks wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for 2024.

Number Plates perfect for you on Halloween

Halloween themed number plates

Halloween Number Plates

Halloween is a celebration that takes place in several coutries on the 31st October every year. It is also known as Allhalloween, All Hallows Eve or All Saints Eve. It is on the eve of the Western Christian Feast of All Hallows Day.

It is the start of a 3 day observance of Allhallowtide remembering the dead including saints (hallows) martyrs and the faithfully departed.

It is widely believed that Halloween traditions originated from the Celtic Harvest Festivals. Most people celebrate by hosting Halloween Parties. These usually involve trick or treating, apple bobbing and Pumpkin carving. People dress up in costumes such as witches, ghosts, clowns, spooks and the like because they like to look scary or dead people as this is associated with halloween. They carve pumpkins into jack ‘o’ lanterns, as well as watching horror movies and they play pranks as well.

We have compiled a small selection below of cherished car number plates that we think are suitable for Halloween. Halloween Number Plates. They are all genuine issued DVLA number plates and most are ready for immediate transfer.



801 L – BOIL









All prices are shown on our huge database and will show transfer fee of £80 and VAT where applicable.

Have a scream this Halloween.

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New in Number Plates Available to purchase

Some of our recent new in number plates available to purchase.

We buy and sell cherished number plates and have new additions/stock coming in all the time.

Listed below are some of the recent new cherished number plates that have become available to purchase.

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Father’s Day Number Plates – A Gift as Unique as them!

Cherished Number Plates a perfect gift this Father’s Day

This Sunday June 18th is Father’s Day. A day where we celebrate the special people in our life that we consider our Father or Dad. Instead of giving them the usual gifts this year why not give them the gift of a Cherished Number Plate. A gift which is as unique as they are.

Our number plates start from as little as £116 all in so they wont break the bank.

We have bargin number plates which can disquise the age of the vehicle or why not choose your own initials (subject to availability) these personalised number plates start from £250 plus vat and £80 transfer fee.

We have a huge searchable database so we are sure there will be somthing suitable.

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Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III – A Celebration

Let us all celebrate the Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III

Not a Number Plate related post this time, we at Motor Marks would just like to wish King Charles III the very best for his Coronation tomorrow Saturday 6th May 2023.

The Coronation Ceremony will take place at Westminster Abbey in London and will be conducted by The Archbishop of Canterbury. The ceremony will see His Majesty King Charles III crowned alongside The Queen Consort Camilla. Lets all celebrate the Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III

The first Coronation for 70 years.

Lets hope that the weather is good and everything goes to plan. Get the bunting out and wave your flags and if you are having a street party in celebration, ENJOY !

Whether you are a Royal Fan or not this is going to be a day to remember and one that most people will only ever see once in their lifetime.

So Hip Hip Hooray for King Charles III and God Save The King.

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