Cheap Number Plates

Do you want to buy a cherished number plate but don’t want to spend a fortune then why not buy yourself a cover number plate a 3 x 3 that takes the dating year off your vehicle. Not for you then why not buy a cheap bargain number plate that is older than you vehicle, another way to show that you have a cherished number plate on your vehicle rather than the original or if this is still not for you but you would like your initials and still do not want to spend a fortune then try the make your own which start from £250 plus vat and transfer fee.

Remember you cannot make your vehicle appear newer but you have no problem making it look older. We have a wide variety of cherished number plates that are not expensive and won’t pull on your purse strings.

Take a look at our cheap page where they start from  as little as £116.00  all inc or go to the home page where you can enter your initials and these ones start from as little as £380.00 all inc.

Not sure what you want then give our sales staff a call on 0116 235 0116 where we will be happy to help.

Happy searching.

Number Plates – Investment

Cherished Number Plates really are a great investment as a few recent stories in the press show.

The registration number 2 GTO which has been in the same family for 48 years and has been on their everyday cars is now going to be put up for sale and it is expected to fetch over £500,000 and possibly go onto a Ferrari 250 GTO. The number plate RR 1 has just been sold for £460,000 at the recent Goodwood Revival Festival and it has also been in the press that the sale of cherished and personalised number plates earn the government over £160 million a year so it shows they really are worth investing in.

We have over 100,00 million number plates up for sale on our website and they comprise of cheap, cherished, personalised and DVLA unissued number plates so what are you waiting for.

Browse now or give our sales staff a call on 0116 235 0116    

Cherished number plates  – worth the investment! 

Number Plates – Auction

Next month sees another auction of Personalised and Cherished DVLA number plates. There are 1250 new previously unissued number plates up for sale. If you would like to register your interest or would like us at Motor Marks to bid for a particular registration number for you please contact one of our sales staff on 0116 235 0116 or contact us via the website using the online contact form or email us at
There are some really nice personalised number plates coming up for sale and we have picked out a few for you below.
If you would like to see the whole list of number plates being offered for sale then please visit the Auction page


BET 805S


THE 911C




HER 811E


D111 PSY




K117 TTY





Don’t forget the above are just a few of the numbers being offered for sale. If you only want a cheap or bargain number plate then why not take a look at out cheap page where you can purchase a cherished car number plate for as little as £116.00 ( £30.00 plus vat and £80 transfer fee).


Number Plates all round

With summer now officially here there are lots of things going on. We have already begun our competition in the 2018 World Cup being held in Russia, this week it is also Royal Ascot and then we have Wimbledon which is 2nd – 15th July 2018, so all in all lots of sports. Well whatever sport you like whether it is the watching or even taking part we at Motor Marks also have various cherished number plates that would be suitable for all of these occasions.

If you are an avid supporter and like the idea of having a personalised number plate that matches your chosen sporting category then look no further. We have a huge database of private number plates that you can search through or alternatively give us a call on 0116 235 0116.

If Tennis is your thing then what about these registration numbers.


If Royal Ascot is more your thing then what about these car number plates..


Or if like me you are eagerly watching the 2018 World Cup and hoping that England can do a repeat of their 1966 World Cup win then what about these…

As well as offering quality cherished number plates we also have cheap bargain number plates that start from as little as £116.00 all inclusive. So give us a call today 0116 235 0116







MoT’s and Classic Cars

Classic Cars built between 1st January 1960 and 31st December 1977 become MoT exempt from this Sunday 20th May 2018 making the complete responsibility of their roadworthiness placed in the hands of their owners. This may seem a massive change but in fact the situation is business as usual, as keepers of these such vehicles and indeed all other vehicles – have always been responsible for the roadworthiness of their vehicles, the difference is that now such keepers will be persuaded to undertake their own regular vehicle roadworthiness inspections. Pre 1978 cars classed as historic may still be presented for MoT’s but likely that inspectors overtime become fewer and farther between and may lead to failure notices where none should have been issued with resultant difficulties in achieving a pass at the same place or understanding the status of the vehicle. Worse still vehicles could be issued a pass certificate when the car is in fact unsafe.

Large goods vehicles (ie goods vehicles with a maximum laden weight of more than 3.5 tonnes) and buses (ie vehicles with 8 or more seats) that are used commercially will not be exempted from periodic testing when they reach 40 years old. In addition a vehicle that has been substantially changed within the previous 30 years will have to be submitted for annual MoT testing.

How to declare a vehicle for the 40 year MoT exemption.
Vehicle keepers are required to ensure their vehicles are taxed when used on a public road. From May 20th 2018 the keeper of the vehicle can declare their vehicle exempt from the MoT at the point of taxing it if it was constructed more than 40 years ago. You will be asked when declaring the MoT exemption that there has been no substantial changes to the vehicle (a vehicle will be considered substantially changed if the technical characteristics of the main components have changed in the previous 30 years unless the changes fall into specific categories)

Chassis: Replacements of the same pattern as the original, monocoque bodyshells including any sub frames (replacements of the same pattern as the original) are not considered a substantial change.

Axles/Running Gear: Alteration of and/or method of suspension or steering does constitute a substantial change

Engine: Alternative cubic capacities of the same basic engine and alternative original equipment engines are not considered a substantial change. If the number of cylinders in an engine is different from the original it is likely to be but not necessarily the case that the current engine is not alternative original equipment.

The following are considered acceptable NOT substantial changes if they fall into these specific categories:
Changes that are made to preserve a vehicle, which in all cases must be when original-type parts are no longer reasonably available.
Changes of a type that can be demonstrated to have been made when vehicles of the type were in production or in general use (within 10 years of the end of production).
In respect to axles and running gear changes made to improve efficiency,safety or environmental performance.
In respect of vehicles that have been commercial vehicles, changes which can be demonstrated were being made when these vehicles were being used commercially.

In addition if a vehicle (including a motorcyle):
Has been issued with a registration number with a Q prefix, or
Is a kit car assembled from components from various makes and models of vehicle, or
Is a reconstructed classic vehicle as defined by DVLA guidance, or
Is a kit conversion, where a kit of new parts is added to an existing vehicle, or old parts are added to a kit of a manufactured body, chassis or monocoque bodyshell changing the general appearance of the vehicle; It will be considered to have been substantially changed and will not be exempt from MoT testing.

However if any of the above types of vehicle is taxed as a ‘historic vehicle’ and has not been modified during the previous 30 years, it can be considered as Vehicles of Historic Interest (VHI). (Keepers of VHIs exempt from periodic testing continue to be responsible for their vehicles roadworthiness). The guidance is only intended to determine the testing position of a substantially changed vehicle.

How to register your vehicle from MoT Exemption
Where vehicle keepers first apply for the historic vehicle tax class, it must be done at a post office. If you are declaring that your vehicle is exempt from MoT you will need to complete a V112 declaration form, taking into consideration the substantially changed guidelines (as defined above). Further re-licensing applications, including making subsequent declarations that the vehicle does not require an MoT, can be completed online.


Also what better accessory for your classic or historic vehicle, a personalised or cherished number plate. Cheap, Bargain or expensive number plates we have millions to choose from, browse through our database or alternatively give one of our experienced sales staff a call on 0116 235 0116.

Fun Number Plates

Cherished Number Plates or Personalised Number Plates can be Fun as well. We have many fun number plates in our huge database of cherished numbers. Sometimes instead of having your initials you might want to opt for a fun car plate instead. We have compiled a small selection of some fun cherished number plates all of which are on 10 year DVLA retention certificates. If you see anything you like or want to browse through our huge database to view more, then you can either check out our fun number plates page or view the search on our homepage

All the prices for the personalised fun number plates can be found on our website or alternatively call one of our sales staff on 0116 235 0116.

Hope they brighten you day if nothing else!!






BIG 59 number plate
















Don’t forget all of the above cherished number plates are all genuine issued registration numbers and can be transferred to your vehicle as soon as payment is received and cleared and can be transferred online subject to terms and conditions. We also have cheap bargain number plates if you want something just to either take the year off your car or just to change your registration number please see our cheap page 

The sun is shining …..








Number Plates – Easter

Easter this year is early and Good Friday falls on March 30th 2018 meaning Easter Sunday is actually on April 1st 2018 which is also classed as April Fools Day. Easter Monday is April 2nd 2018.

Whilst Christmas Day and Valentines Day are on fixed dates, Easter can fall anywhere between the dates of March 22nd and April 25th.

As well as being a religious festival Easter is also a time when we traditionally give and receive Easter Eggs. It is also associated with spring and the flowering of daffodils and with the newborn spring lambs and easter bunnies.

We at Motor Marks have some cherished number plates that are Easter related. Give the gift of a personalised number plate as your easter gift this year instead of chocolate eggs and with prices starting from as little as £116 all inclusive they are also cheap too.

Browse online through our extensive database or if you would like to speak to someone then call our sales staff on 0116 235 0116.

Happy Easter from all at Motor Marks


Once again Mother’s Day is approaching. Not sure what to buy this year? You don’t want to get the usual gifts of chocolates, flowers, wine etc then why not invest in a Personalised or Cherished Car Number Plate this year instead for your mum.

Whoever you call or think of as your ‘MUM’ whether it be your natural mother, your stepmother, your auntie, your grandmother, your sister, whoever – why not treat her to a different gift this year.

We have car number plates from as little as £116.00 (that’s all inclusive of vat and the cherished transfer fee). The cherished number plate can easily be assigned online using the DVLA online transfer service or can supplied to you on a 10 year retention certificate.

Why not give us a call on 0116 235 0116 or browse our huge database of personalised car number plates and give her a gift that she will treasure and which will also be an investment for the future.
Mothering Sunday March 11th 2018


Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful mother’s –  from Motor Marks


Number Plates – Valentines Day the Perfect Gift

Valentine’s Day is once again upon us and what better way to show that special person in your life that you love them, than with a personalised car number plate.

Forget the usual gifts of chocolate, champagne and flowers, these gifts don’t last, but if you buy them their very own cherished number plate not only will it last and they will remember each time they look at it, it is also a great investment.

We have some rude/saucy cherished car number plates some may be a little risque’, if so then why not opt for their initials or just a bargain or cheap car number plate?

Our personalised car number plates start from as little as £30 plus the vat and ct fee, so why not browse through our extensive database of private car number plates and treat your loved one to a gift that will last forever just like your love.

Happy Valentines Day with love from Motor Marks X

To view our extensive database of private car number plates please click here or go to our home page, alternatively if you prefer to speak to someone then give us a call on 0116 235 0116.


MOT Exemption

The Department of Transport, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) Swansea has announced that Classic Cars/Vehicles that are more than 40 years old will be exempt from MOT testing. As from May 20th 2018 any vehicle that is 40 years old or more will no longer need to have an MOT, however owners can volunteer for an MOT if they feel that their vehicle needs one.

Currently only vehicles from before 1960 are exempt, which represents 197,000 cars on UK roads, this new ruling will exempt a further 293,000 cars from having an MOT.

This means with no MOT, free tax and cheap Insurance if you don’t already own a classic car/vehicle then now is the time to get one. Once you have one then why not invest in a cherished or personalised number plate, a perfect accessory to your vehicle and not only are they a great investment they will also look fab on your classic vehicle.

If you would like us to assist you with any queries that you may have or would like any help in finding you a private car number plate then please contact one of our sales staff on 0116 235 0116 where they will be more than happy to help.

You can also browse through our huge database of personalised car number plates via our homepage search

If you dont want to spend a fortune but still like the idea of having your own special car number plate then we also have a varied selection of cheap and bargain car number plates that can be fully transferred to your vehicle for £116.00 all inclusive.

So what are you waiting for, happy browsing.




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